Hisense's new ULED 4K TVs will come with Roku built in

ULED is the company's answer to OLED.

Roku dominates TV streaming in the US, and TV manufacturers have taken notice. The latest series of 4K TVs from Chinese brand Hisense, the R8F 4K, will come with Roku features built in and the company promises they'll offer a convenient user experience as well as a high-quality image.

Hisense has been getting creative with its display technology, introducing features like two panels in one case to achieve deeper blacks and brighter whites. ULED technology is Hisense's proprietary answer to OLED, and the company says it provides images with smother motion in addition to higher contrast on its TVs.

The two new R8F models are the first ULED TVs with Roku integration, including features like a Roku homescreen and a spotlight with a hand-curated selection of 4K content from various channels. They also come with Roku Voice support so users can control the TV via voice commands.

Other features of the TVs include Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision HDR, a wide color gamut with an array of more than one billion colors and hues and a handy-sounding feature which automatically adjusts picture and sound settings based on the content being watched.

The R8F series will go on sale in the middle of next month and will be available from Amazon or Walmart for $499.99 for the 55-inch version or $699.99 for the 65-inch version.