Target will give you a $200 gift card if you buy any iPhone 11 on Black Friday

The offer is available Friday through Sunday.

Buy an iPhone 11 at Target this Black Friday (thru Sunday), and the retailer will throw in a $200 gift card. The deal also applies to the iPhone 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS and XS Max, activated on Verizon (Engadget's parent company) or AT&T. That's a solid deal on the newest iPhones, as well as last year's XS and XS Max models. Plus, the $200 could give the rest of your holiday shopping a nice boost.

All of the models mentioned -- the iPhone 11, 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, XS and XS Max -- received high scores and praise when we reviewed them. From the beginning, the iPhone 11 has offered more power for less money, and with this discount, it's even more power for your buck.

Even though the XS and XS Max are a year old, as we've said before, they are future proof, so you probably won't need to upgrade for a while. Those models represent Apple at the top of its hardware game and are still great devices.

Target previewed this discount earlier this year, when it offered the same $200 gift card deal on November 8th and 9th. If you missed it then, you'll have another chance this weekend. Of course, there will be plenty of other hardware on sale at Target this Black Friday.

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