'Red Dead Redemption 2' comes to Steam on December 5th

It'll be available where people are more likely to play.

Red Dead Redemption 2's PC launch drew a number of complaints, not the least of which was having to use yet another publisher-specific launcher to play it. If you haven't already bought the game, though, you won't have to deal with that hassle. Rockstar has revealed that its open-world Western will be available through Steam on December 5th. You can play where most of your existing game library already resides.

This won't address glitches within Red Dead itself, but it is a start. It's also an acknowledgment that the game industry's attempts to reduce its dependency on Steam (and increase profit margins) can only go so far. Whether game creators like it or not, many gamers prefer to have all their games in one place -- there's a risk developers will miss out on sales by insisting on proprietary launchers, even if they make more money with each sale.