Craigslist only took 11 years to make its own iOS app

Now you can low-ball items while on the go.

Considering the App Store has been around for 11 years and Craigslist for 13 years before that, it's astonishing the bastion of online classified ads hasn't bothered to create an official, first-party iOS app until now. It just hit the App Store and, like Craiglist's website, it's pretty straightforward with a simple design.

You can scour listings for jobs and apartments, lowball people trying to get rid of some of their stuff or see if anyone thinks you're their missed connection wherever you are, without having to use Craigslist's mobile site. On the flip side, you can also use the free app to post and edit classified ads fairly easily.

There have been other Craiglist apps for iOS and Android over the years, including officially licensed ones. Craigslist's Android app isn't formally available yet, but can try a beta version of it.

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