Opera's latest version gives any web page a dark mode

Even if it's not designed to have one.

Tech companies and device manufacturers have long touted ways to reduce a screen's dreaded blue glare -- the light that disturbs the natural circadian rhythms of the body and affects sleep. Now, Opera is rolling out a revamped night mode function that promises even dimmer night-time scrolling.

Version 55 of Opera's web browser for Android will come with a night mode that not only dims the browser, but will turn white web pages dark even if they're not designed that way. The feature injects its own changes to a site's CSS to turn white backgrounds black, instead of just reducing white brightness -- similar to the tools Chrome has been working on.

Additionally, users will be able to select a more traditional red light overlay, decide on dark mode scheduling, set automatic timers and dim the screen keyboard as well. As Stefan Stjernelund, Product Manager of Opera for Android, says, "With this release, by turning our browser super dark, we've made sure you won't disturb those around you who are trying to sleep. You will also feel more relaxed once it's time to put down your device for the night."