Logitech made a $200 webcam for Apple's $5,000 pro display

Your Pro Display XDR might just feel complete.

Apple's newly available Pro Display XDR promises exceptional image quality, but there's one glaring omission for some users: there's no webcam. You can edit video in grand style with your $5,000 monitor, but you can't use it to hold a video chat with the production team. Logitech has a remedy, though. It just released a 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam built with the Pro Display XDR in mind. As the name implies, it sticks to your display without clips or other mounts, even when you rotate the monitor into portrait mode.

The webcam is capped at 30 frames per second when you're using the full 4K resolution, but Logitech touts automatic light adjustment with HDR as well as tilt adjustment. You should be properly exposed and in-frame even in a dimly-lit production studio. You can also expect dual noise-cancelling mics. And no, you don't need a Mac Pro to use it -- it'll technically work with other Macs, if not as elegantly.

The 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam is available now through the Logitech and Apple websites for $200. That's a lot for a webcam (even the C930e is $130), but something tells us Logitech isn't concerned. If you or your employer can afford a Pro Display XDR, the cost of this webcam is chump change.

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