Opera's gaming-focused GX browser comes to macOS

It claims to stop resource and bandwidth problems.

If you're one of the many people that play games on your Mac, one thing you may not appreciate is a resource-hog browser. The answer might be Opera's GX, unveiled earlier this year on PC, which is finally available on macOS in early access mode. Opera said that it solves resource problems via limiters on CPU, RAM and network bandwidth. "What this means in practice is that everyone's machines are left with more resources for running games," the company said.

To keep your browser from stealing resources, the GX control panel lets you set how much CPU power or RAM it can use. That means you can leave it running during gaming sessions, confident it won't overwhelm your machine. On top of that, Twitch is integrated directly into the sidebar, and you get shortcuts to Discord, Reddit and other sites, along with Telegram, WhatsApp and Facebook.

To set the right mood, you can also customize Opera GX with a huge color palette, sound effects and wallpapers. It also has a built in ad-blocker, browser VPN and a "GX Corner" that hosts gaming news and deals feeds.

Opera also did some surveys and revealed a ton of statistics on PC gaming, noting that 82 percent of PC gamers are on Windows and 14 percent on macOS. About 49 percent have had technical issues, with 30 percent troubled by network problems, 26 percent having memory issues and 14 percent CPU problems. Opera GX for macOS is now available to download here.

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