AT&T's real 5G for wireless customers is live in 10 cities

It will start sales of the Galaxy Note 10+ 5G today as well.

AT&T promised that in 2019, it would bring real 5G to millions of customers, and now it has. In November it revealed five markets on the list to get 5G this year, but today the list of launch cities has doubled to ten:

  • Birmingham, Ala.

  • Indianapolis

  • Los Angeles

  • Milwaukee

  • Pittsburgh

  • Providence, R.I.

  • Rochester, N.Y.

  • San Diego

  • San Francisco

  • San Jose, Calif.

Coverage maps (PDF) show exactly where you can access 5G, although most people will need a new phone and to fill that need AT&T is also beginning sales of Samsung's Galaxy Note 10+ 5G. Shipments begin today for people who've preordered the $1,300 device, and customers can obtain them either online or in stores. With trade ins and eligible unlimited plan, that price could drop as low as $350.

This network is what AT&T is calling "low-band 5G," which is for consumers on mobile devices unlike the high-band 5G+ built to serve businesses or large stadiums and campuses. Both are based on new 5G tech, as compared to the LTE-based 5G Evolution service that customers have had access to until now. Whatever you call it, the company's plan for rapid expansion calls for nationwide 5G service by mid-2020.

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