Lime launches a weekly subscription for scooters and e-bikes

It's rolling out now across the US, Australia and New Zealand.

Frequent scooter riders now have an option for a more convenient rental system, with the launch of Lime's LimePass subscription service. Starting today, Lime riders in the US, Australia and New Zealand will be able to sign up for unlimited scooter and e-bike rides without paying the unlock fee.

The company has been testing the subscription service since March in a pilot program and is now ready to roll it out to the general public. The exact price of a LimePass subscription varies by region, but a screenshot shows a price of $4.99 per week in San Fransisco. To tempt users to try the service out, Lime is offering a week of free unlocks to new subscribers after paying an opt-in fee.


The program is aimed at commuters, as Lime says that more than half of their riders use scooters for traveling to work or taking personal daily trips. Users in the US will save $1 per ride on the unlock fee, so the cost of a subscription can be covered in just a few days.

To sign up for the service, open the Lime app, tap the menu icon, then go to the LimePass icon and follow the on-screen instructions. If you live in a different country, Lime confirms it will be rolling the subscription program out to other counties starting in January next year.