Pocket Casts wraps up 2019 with an updated look and 100 top podcasts

An Indigo theme is easier on the eyes without being a hard-to-read Dark Mode.


Outside of podcast apps from the likes of Apple and Google, or converted music playing options like Spotify and Pandora, Pocket Casts is one of our preferred options for multiplatform listening. In its latest mobile version -- available on Android and iOS for free with some premium subscription options -- there are some tweaks that change how it looks and give listeners more control over how it works.

Now users can customize the bottom toolbar of the Now Playing screen, with the ability to choose which settings are available right away (from options like a Cast button, Share Podcast, Sleep timer and the like) and which ones are hidden in the more menu. It's also added a quick tab slider that makes it easier to see where show notes are while you're listening, while the Up Next list has been moved to its own screen so it has more room and it's easier to see what's going on with each episode in it.

Engadget Pocket Casts

A change to the UI that I appreciated in the midst of dark mode mania is an "Indigo" theme that has some dark background elements mixed in with off-white segments that make it easy to read in all kinds of lighting situations without burning my retinas out.

Last but not least, like everyone else Pocket Casts is listing its 100 top shows of the year, in order of what users subscribe to the most. From its site you can quickly scroll through and queue any of them, or even download an OPML to import every single one in any podcast app of your choice. Of course, you can guess what our suggestions are (Engadget, The Morning After).

Update, 12/20/19 1PM ET: This post has been updated to note that these new features are live in the iOS app as well as Android.

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