Chipotle is redesigning its restaurants to better serve mobile orders

Its ‘digital business’ has grown to $1 billion.

No one wants to wait in line for their Chipotle order, and honestly, most people don't want to talk to anyone either. For those reasons, Chipotle's "digital business" -- orders placed through the app, online or via third-parties like DoorDash -- has grown to $1 billion. Now, Chipotle says it's going to make the digital ordering process even better with new restaurant designs optimized for pickups.

Rather than place all of the pickup orders on a crowded shelf, Chipotle will test walk-up windows and pick-up portals. The details are still vague, but Chipotle says the changes will make it easier for digital customers to receive their food.

You might see the new layouts popping up in Chicago, Cincinnati, Phoenix, San Diego and Newport Beach, California. Chipotle will tests its "evolved design" in new restaurants, including an urban storefront, a standalone restaurant with a Chipotlane and an end cap unit with a Chipotlane. It will also retrofit two existing locations.

With any luck, Chipotle will get its burrito-delivering drones flying in more places soon, too.