Alexa can reorder your go-to Chipotle meal

Chipotle is also giving free Echo Dots to customers named Alexa.

It just became disconcertingly easy to have Mexican food show up at your door. Chipotle has introduced an Alexa skill that lets you reorder your favorite meals for delivery. If you're fond of a particular burrito bowl, you can have it sent without lifting a finger. You can't start an order from scratch, unfortunately, but it beats having to wade through the mobile app when you're already starving.

To push the feature, Chipotle is even trying a promotional stunt by promising free Amazon Echo Dots (hopefully not the old one from the photo above) to all Chipotle Rewards members named Alexa. We wonder how many people will take up that offer, though -- if you're named Alexa, you probably don't want a smart speaker with your first name as the default wake word.

There are more serious developments, thankfully. Chipotle is also rolling out an in-house voice assistant to all its restaurants to walk you through the order and help staff focus on serving you instead of the formalities of the order. You can pay ahead and bypass the queue, either at the pickup counter or the drive-thru. It's not quite as convenient as ordering tacos while you're in your PJs, but it should make in-person orders that much quicker.