'Fallout 76' hackers wiped out players' inventories

Your items aren't safe on public servers.

If you play Fallout 76 you might want to avoid public servers for a while. According to multiple posts on the game's Reddit forums -- and confirmed by publisher Bethesda -- hackers have attacked public servers and wiped out the inventories of more than a few players. A post from one of the Overseers warns that "Your weapons and armor, and any other inventory items are not safe." It also appears that Bethesda is unable to restore lost items, so if they're gone, they're gone for good.

Of course, there's never a good time for a hack like this, but slap bang in the middle of the festive period is arguably the worst. Bethesda says it's actively working on a solution, and is also looking at ways it can compensate affected players. As the hack has only hit PC, it's planning on bringing the PC version of the game offline to release a fix, but whether things get sorted this side of the fast-approaching holiday remains to be seen.