LG's 2020 soundbars add 'AI Room calibration' to optimize their audio

Premium features like Google Assistant are built-in with more models than ever.

CES is right around the corner, and that means we'll once again meet a slew of new home theater equipment. LG is unveiling its 2020 soundbar lineup right now, and a new headline feature for this year is "AI Room Calibration." Exactly what separates this tech from non-AI automatic calibration we've seen is unclear, but LG is openly committed to applying machine learning and related technology across its products. Combined with content mastered in Dolby Atmos or DTS:X, it should make everything sound more accurate no matter what kind of room you're in, how many speakers are hooked up or where they're located.

We'll have to get some demo time to see how effective the technology is, but this year's new SN family of soundbars (SN11RG, SN10YG, SN9YG, and SN8YG) have 4K passthrough, eARC and more tech designed to make sure they work in any kind of setup. The SN11RG is the top of the line, a 7.1.4 package with wireless rear speakers that can also project sound up for a true 3D effect. It's also still integrating audio tech from Meridian, and in 2020 LG says that Google Assistant will be built into more models.

If the package you buy only comes with the main soundbar, there's also the SPK8 Wireless Rear Speaker Kit to add-on surround speakers later for maximum flexibility. There's no word on pricing or ship dates, but we should learn more about these -- and the sleek TVs LG will pair them with -- next week at CES 2020.