Rivian shows off how its new EVs can ‘tank turn’

A different sort of donut for an off-road EV.

If you've ever wished that your car could turn on a dime, then the folks at Rivian have just given you a reason to buy one of their EVs. The company posted a video on Dec 25th, spotted by Electrek, showing off how its R1T and R1S electric vehicles can make tank-turns. At least, if you buy the quad-motor version, which allows each wheel to be driven independently, giving you the ability to spin around on the spot.

Naturally, you'll need to splash out on the pricier versions of both cars, when they're available to buy, but don't think you can pull 180s on the highway. After all, tank turns are designed to be done in rough conditions and require a little kick of the wheels to get you going. But it's still a neat trick that you can show off to your friends while off-roading, whenever either Rivian vehicle winds up on sale.