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Furrion's electric cooler keeps drinks cold for up to a week

Plus, it charges your phone!

Nothing ruins a tailgate faster than lukewarm beers, but with Furrion's Rova electric cooler, that won't be an issue -- even if your party rages for a week.

The Rova can hold more than two dozen cans in its 1.3 cubic liter chiller compartment and keep them cold for up to seven days without the need for additional ice. What's more, if you fill the compartment entirely with ice, the Rova will prevent it from melting for up to a fortnight, though its endurance depends on whether you set the the cooler to beverage, freezer or eco mode.

Furrion Rova

The system is powered by a 400 watt lithium power pack but can also carry a second one in reserve. If you manage to run through both cells while on the road, the cells can easily (albeit slowly) recharged either with a standard solar panel or through your vehicle's cigarette lighter. The Rova also includes a Qi charging pad and three USB ports to keep the rest of your electronics topped off throughout the party. An integrated LCD display enables you to keep an eye on its status and remaining power levels. And don't worry about mixing electricity with inclement weather. The Rova can stand up to rain sleet and snow better than your local mail carrier.

The Rova will be available for sale this June for $800. An array of accessories -- from external drink holders to an integrated umbrella and even a Bluetooth speaker system -- will also be available but sold separately.

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