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Google and Samsung on the perfect 2-in-1 tablet

The companies joined us on stage to discuss what makes an ideal laptop-tablet hybrid.

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2018 was the year every major tech company tried to create a tablet that can double as a laptop. We saw Google's Pixel Slate, Samsung's Galaxy Tab S4 and Galaxy Book 2 each attempt to be the best lightweight entertainment device that is powerful enough to let you get work done. Microsoft continued to dominate the space with the new Surface Pro 6, while Apple hyped up its marketing for the iPad Pro as "like a computer" but also "more powerful than most PC laptops."

There are many components to get right -- a good display, a comfortable keyboard, powerful performance and versatile software are key. But there are challenges the industry needs to tackle. We talked to Google's Ben Janofsky and Samsung's Elina Vives at CES to find out what the ideal 2-in-1 should look like and how they'll improve in 2019.

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