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The Morning After: Netflix raises prices and fights over Fyre Festival

And Nike's new self-lacing basketball shoes.

Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

Good luck choosing your preferred source for a Fyre Festival documentary, as Hulu and Netflix are battling for the crown this week. At the same time, we're learning that Netflix's prices will go up again, and, in non-streaming news, Nike has unveiled its first self-lacing basketball kicks.

All that new content costs money.Netflix is raising prices

All Netflix streaming plans are going up by between 13 and 18 percent, marking its largest price hike to date. The lowest $8 tier will now cost $9 while the $11 and $14 plans will increase to $13 and $16, respectively.

You can keep an eye on their charging status in the notification center.Apple has its own $129 smart battery cases for iPhone XS and XR

The Smart Battery Case for iPhone XS, XS Max and XR extends your handset's battery to as much as 39 hours of talk time (on the XR), but avoids the ungainly lump from the iPhone 6/6s case that launched in 2015. Instead, there's a more graceful (if still bulky) slope. It supports wireless charging, too, so you don't have to plug in just because you want extra runtime.

Fight!Hulu beats Netflix with its own Fyre Festival documentary debut

Fyre Fraud, as its name suggests, looks into how those behind Fyre Festival defrauded investors as well as attendees. Even more interestingly, it arrived on Hulu just a couple of days ahead of Netflix's much-hyped Fyre documentary on the same subject, which will start streaming Friday morning.

Enhance.Oppo teases smartphone cameras with 10x hybrid zoom

Oppo has teased a new design that offers 10x hybrid zoom, ranging from an equivalent of 15.9mm all the way to 159mm. This is all thanks to a new triple-camera setup, starting with an ultra-wide camera, then a main camera in the middle, and then a periscope to top it off with some sweet optical-zoom action.

Who needs HDMI 2.1?LG sale slashes OLED TV prices by up to $1,000

LG has launched a sale that cuts the prices on its B8 series OLED TVs from now through February 2nd. The 55-inch model is now down to $1,500, a sharp $800 drop versus the original $2,300 sticker price. And if you crave a bigger picture, the 65-inch version is down a full $1,000 to $2,300. Probably not a coincidence, the price cuts come just ahead of the Super Bowl, and just after LG revealed its new TVs for 2019.

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See your feed the way nature intended.Twitter adds chronological timeline button to its Android app

You no longer need an iOS device to easily see your Twitter feed the right way. Twitter is rolling out its chronological timeline button on Android, giving you a quick way to switch between the latest tweets and the social network's algorithm-sorted top tweets.

$350 shoes that come with Bluetooth and Wireless Qi charging.Nike's Adapt BB is an app-controlled, self-lacing basketball shoe

The highlight of Adapt, which Nike is calling its "most advanced fit solution to date," is that you can control its power laces manually via physical buttons on the shoe or a companion app on your phone. When you put on the Adapt BB, the built-in custom motor with trained gears senses the tension your feet need and adjusts itself accordingly to keep each foot snug in the shoes.

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