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Nissan concept van includes an all-electric carpentry shop

The NV300 Concept-van also touts solar power.

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Nissan doesn't just think electric power should be reserved for the motors in its cars -- it should also apply to what you do in the back of those cars. Its newly unveiled NV300 Concept-van includes a mobile workshop (in this case, for woodworking) that runs on a 700Wh portable Energy Roam pack that runs on second-hand Leaf batteries. You could power table saws, computers and other gear in the field without having to use a polluting gas generator. There's a solar panel on top, too, so you can recover some power while you drive to your next work site.

You'll also find a built-in touchscreen computer in the load area, LED lighting and a combination of space-saving storage and swivel chairs that should give you freedom to move.

The van is ultimately a marketing tool for the "versatility" of Nissan's commercial vehicles. However, the Energy Roam is more than just a flight of fancy -- it'll be available in Europe in spring 2019. It won't be surprising if you see many people using these more eco-savvy power packs for remote tasks. Moreover, it's good news for the environment. Instead of simply chucking out EV batteries once they lose too much capacity, Nissan is giving them a second life.

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