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Recommended Reading: Instagram invades the home

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Billy Steele
01.26.19 in Internet

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Julien McRoberts via Getty Images

Home is where the photo booth is: How Instagram is changing our living spaces
Alyssa Bereznak,
The Ringer

Backdrops, letter boards and faux patterns. The struggle to upgrade those Instagram-able moments at home is real. The Ringer examines the trend of spicing up those regular ol' photos for parties or a milestone announcement, and the fear of the "indifferent scroll."

Weedmaps' grip on the high-flying California pot market
Amanda Chicago Lewis,

Weedmaps may be a handy directory for deciding where to buy a fresh supply, but the website and app isn't always clear about how it ranks listings or if the dispensaries are appropriately licensed.

The US is fascinated by Mexican cartel bosses. The truth is less entertaining.
Ana Karina Zatarain,
BuzzFeed News

If you think the events of a certain Netflix series mirror what often happens in real life, prepare to be a little disappointed.

Warhol's bleak prophecy
Stephen Metcalf,
The Atlantic

A look back at the iconic artist through the lens of the current retrospective at Whitney Museum.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey: The Rolling Stone interview
Brian Hiatt,
Rolling Stone

The lengthy interview covers topics like Nazis, abuse, Myanmar, silent mediation and the complete lack of desire to run for office.

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