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Google Assistant notifications were broken on Android

An update to the Google app may have been the the cause.

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Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Google Assistant hasn't been quite so... assistive lately. Numerous users reported that Google Assistant notifications have been broken on Android, preventing reminders and other important alerts from getting through. The problem appears to have started with updates to the Google app over the past several days, particularly the most recent (9.0.6). Some had success by uninstalling updates or clearing their app cache, but it didn't appear to have been truly fixed until a server-side update arrived on January 28th.

We've asked Google for comment, although the bug didn't appear to affect iOS or other platforms.

While the glitch seems to have been resolved, its timing isn't exactly ideal. Google just showcased the next wave of Assistant technology at CES -- it's not exactly confidence-inspiring when a function like this stops working. Think of it as a not-so-subtle warning that you shouldn't rely solely on cloud services to remind you about a vital appointment, no matter how reliable the service normally is.

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