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Google's Duplex AI now makes reservations in 43 states

Pixel owners can use it to automatically call restaurants and book tables.

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You can ask Google Assistant to make a restaurant reservation over the phone for you in 43 states as of today, as Google is bringing its Duplex automated voice-calling tech to more Pixel phones. It was previously available to a small number of Pixel owners in a few cities.

If a restaurant you'd like to dine at uses an online booking service that's partnered with Google, the AI will try to book a table for you that way. Otherwise, it'll call the restaurant to see if the maître d' can fit in your party. Assistant will then send you a phone notification, email and calendar invite with the details. If you don't have a Pixel phone, you might get to try out Duplex soon too, as Google plans to expand the restaurant-booking feature to more Android and iOS devices in the coming weeks.

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