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    Nissan's IMQ concept looks more like a stealth fighter than a crossover

    The SUV is a preview of Nissan's electrified future in Europe.

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    The great thing about concept cars is that automakers can just shoot for the stars when it comes to features. The Nissan IMQ concept unveiled at the Geneva Motor show is a good example of promising a lot of stuff in a car while simultaneously plotting the course for the future.

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    Concept cars are traditionally an exercise in what's potentially possible in the future. For Nissan (like nearly every other automaker at the Geneva Motor Show), the future is electric and autonomous.

    The IMQ crossover concept vehicle uses Nissan's e-Power hybrid system that the company has been using in Japan. The automaker used the vehicle to announce that it would be bringing the powertrain to Europe.

    The automaker also noted that the vehicle is using Nissan's next generation AWD (All-Wheel Drive) system. But the IMQ is more than just a powertrain and drivetrain wrapped in the styling of a stealth fighter.

    Nissan announced that the concept vehicle is loaded with a prototype version of the automaker's impressive ProPilot system. The vehicle is supposed to be able to autonomously drive in urban environments. That's the gold standard for a self-driving car.

    While we won't see the IMQ anytime soon, it's design language and tech will start creeping into future Nissans.

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