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Recommended Reading: The battle to make the end of 'Game of Thrones'

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Billy Steele

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Helen Sloan/HBO

'Game of Thrones' first look: Inside the brutal battle to make season 8
James Hibberd,
Entertainment Weekly

HBO's insanely popular epic concludes in April, but the battle to film the battles, and to keep them from being leaked ahead of time, was a constant struggle for the crew. Entertainment Weekly goes behind the scenes of the final season and offers a spoiler-free primer ahead of its debut in a few weeks.

Spotify's grand plan for podcasts is taking shape
Ashley Carman,
The Verge

Spotify made headlines a few weeks ago when it snapped up podcast producer Gimlet Media and Anchor, an app that makes recording episodes a breeze. After some big moves, the service's plan is beginning to become clear.

Hip-Hop artists give the Supreme Court a primer on rap music
Adam Liptak,
The New York Times

This is a quick but interesting read as the SCOTUS is faced with an appeal from a rapper sentenced to two years in prison for threatening police officers in a song.

How Amazon taught the Echo Auto to hear you in a noisy car
Alex Davies,

Putting an Echo in your car sounds easy enough, but Amazon had to figure out how the device would still be able to hear your commands over the roar of the road.

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