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Kia and Amazon team up to make charging EVs at home easier

You can now order the home charger and installation through Amazon.

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Bloomberg via Getty Images

Amazon's latest partnership with Kia could sway those weighing whether to take the plunge on an electric vehicle. Kia electric vehicle buyers can now order at-home charging units and schedule home installation through Amazon. The South Korean automaker becomes the second to partner with Amazon to sell electric charging stations, joining Audi which came onboard last year.

Customers can choose an at-home charging station and then schedule an installation with a licensed local electrician through Amazon Home Services. The partnership with Kia is strategic for Amazon, which can both leverage its Amazon Home Services unit as well as push buyers towards other brands of electric car chargers and accessories. Kia owners can choose between a $764 dollar charger from Bosch, the car's official partner, or the slightly cheaper, Alexa-enabled Chargepoint ($699) or JuiceBox ($549). The latter brands are both WiFi-capable and rank as best-sellers on Amazon.

Expect even more automakers to join Amazon as the company makes its way in the electric vehicle market. There's no word on which EV maker will join Audi and Kia to partner with Amazon, but chances are good it won't be Tesla. Amazon early this year invested $700 million into Tesla competitor Rivian.

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