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Apple News+ includes 'LA Times' and 'Wall Street Journal' subscriptions

All for $10 a month.

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At its streaming service event in Cupertino on Monday, Apple announced that in addition to more than 300 magazine titles (including TechCrunch's ExtraCrunch) on its newly revealed News+ app, the company will also include subscriptions to the LA Times and Wall Street Journal. What's more, users will get access to the entire digital newsstand for $9.99 a year. Given that users would have to shell out more than $8,000 annually to acquire these magazines individually, that's a pretty good deal.

Another interesting feature included in News+ is the app's recommendation engine. Unlike the recommendation algorithms you'd find on other streaming services like Netflix, News+'s feature runs on the device itself, rather than remotely on Apple's servers. This prevents both Apple and its advertisers from tracking your reading habits.

News+ launches today in the US and Canada (and in both English and French). The first month is free.

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