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Uma Thurman and horrifying heart transplants meet in Netflix's 'Chambers'

The psychological horror series premieres April 26th.

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Netflix is about to give horror fans another star-studded fix. It's premiering Chambers, a psychological horror series starring Uma Thurman, on April 26th. The series revolves around a heart attack survivor in a "New Age pocket" of Arizona who starts taking on the traits of her transplant donor -- and not surprisingly, they aren't exactly endearing. It's supposed to start as a "grounded human story," but things go awry from there.

The series is produced by actress and director Leah Rachel, and also stars Tony Goldwyn (from Insurgent and Scandal) and up-and-comer Sivan Alyra Rose.

There's still a lot of mystery surrounding the show -- there's no trailer as we write this, and even the social media accounts are private. It's potentially a big deal for the horror crowd, though, and Thurman's presence shows how Netflix can reel in major stars who might otherwise stick to movies.

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