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Samsung's new soundbars detect what's on screen to optimize output

No more muffled dialogue.

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Samsung has announced its new soundbar lineup: the Q series, optimized for -- you guessed it -- the company's QLED TVs. The HW-Q70R and HW-Q60R are the latest offerings from Samsung's ongoing collaboration with Harman Kardon, with the premium HW-Q70R supporting Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Both come with "Adaptive Sound" technology, which means they can analyze the content on a TV screen and adjust to the ideal sound for any given scene. So while this may mean beefier bass for action scenes and crisper tones for dialogue, it should also put an end to the deafening volume of commercial breaks.

Both also feature WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, Samsung's proprietary Acoustic Beam technology -- which uses an array of holes in the speaker to fill every corner of a room with sound -- plus Samsung's "One Remote" and an external subwoofer. They go on sale in April, priced at $500 for the HW-Q60R and $800 for the HW-Q70R.

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