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Amazon's Kindle now supports Traditional Chinese books

It now offers 20,000 ebook titles written in Traditional Chinese.

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Amazon been expanding the number of languages and alphabets the Kindle supports over the years. This time, the company has given the Kindle apps and e-readers the capability to support books in Traditional Chinese. In fact, Amazon has launched a portal in the Kindle store with 20,000 Traditional Chinese titles you can download, including translations of popular books like George R. R. Martin's A Song of Fire and Ice series. You can now also self-publish ebooks written in the characters through Kindle Direct Publishing.

In addition to launching a new portal, Amazon has made sure that its search function works for the horizontal reading experience. If you want everything in your Kindle app or e-reader to display menu options in Traditional Chinese, you can now do that, as well. You can also do everything you can do with English titles, such as adjust a book's text size and margin settings or seamlessly switch between the Kindle app and an e-reader.

Support for Traditional Chinese is now out and available around the world, and you can purchase Kindle books from existing Amazon websites in your region.

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