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Mophie adds USB-C ports to refreshed Powerstation batteries

The updated line comes with a variety of options for colors and capacities.

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Mophie, the makers of a popular line of external batteries, announced today an update to its Powerstation family of portable chargers. The refreshed versions of the Powerstation line come in four different capacities, a variety of colors and now includes a shared USB-C input and output port.

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With the universal USB-C port, owners of the new Powerstation batteries will be able to charge their devices or recharge the battery pack from the same port. The two smaller versions of the new Powerstations also include an additional USB-A port while the larger capacity batteries have two additional ports for charging multiple mobile devices simultaneously. All of the models include a four-light LED power indicator that displays the charging status and current battery life of the Powerstation.

Mophie's updated line of Powerstation external batteries come in the following capacities and colors, per the company:

  • Powerstation mini: 5,000mAh (up to 18 hours of total device use time), available in black, gray, navy, hot pink and light blue
  • Powerstation: 10,000mAh (up to 36 hours of total device use time), available in black, gray, navy and pink
  • Powerstation XL: 15,000mAh (up to 55 hours of total device use time), available in black and gray
  • Powerstation XXL: 20,000mAh (up to 73 hours of total device use time), available in black

The refreshed Powerstations are priced at $39.95 for the mini, $49.95 for the Powerstation, $59.95 for the XL and $69.95 for the XXL model. The batteries are available directly from Mophie or from major mobile retailers including Best Buy, Verizon and T-Mobile.

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