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Recommended Reading: The legacy of female players in 'FIFA'

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Billy Steele
07.13.19 in Internet

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Electronic Arts

How female characters in FIFA led to a diversity movement at EA
Dean Takahashi,

Discussions on diversity and equal pay have taken over in the week following the 2019 Women's World Cup, especially in the US. EA game designer Katie Scott explains how her work on FIFA's "The Journey" story mode lead to improving representation of female characters -- work that eventually kickstarted company-wide change.

Eric Prydz is going to DJ inside a giant glowing sphere -- here's how it was made
Dani Deahl,
The Verge

Even if you don't know who Eric Prydz is, you'll enjoy this story of how the DJ is building a two-story sphere for his next Eric Prydz In Concert (EPIC), an event that will draw tens of thousands.

We were the world: Looking back at the music of 1985
Elizabeth Nelson,
The Ringer

The Ringer went all-in on Stranger Things coverage, including this analysis of the music of 1985. You can read the rest of the coverage here.

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