GE's wireless smart switch works without a hub

No messing around with wiring.

It's been a while since we heard from GE about its smart home arm, but today the company announced several new items designed to make its already straightforward lighting ecosystem even easier to use. Most notable of the bunch; a new smart switch and hubless dimmer model. This is an interesting addition to GE's range -- and an industry first -- because there's no need for any additional tech (such as a hub) to integrate them with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa for voice control.

There's also a wire-free dimmer (powered by batteries) that can be placed anywhere using a removable adhesive strip, so you can easily add an additional control location to your home without messing around with electrical wiring. GE is also launching a motion sensor in the same wire-free vein.

GE is also opening up its C by GE mobile application to third party manufacturers. The program is designed to bring all your smart lighting controls and hardware together in to one manageable place, so expanding it to include other product makers means it'll be a lot easier to see what's stuff is going to work with other stuff with straightforward identification.