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Arlo's new floodlight security camera is completely wireless

Just one of many home cameras we'll see at CES this week.

Floodlight cameras are helpful for spotting (and ideally, deterring) intruders, but they typically require some kind of wiring. Even Ring's model still requires a link to a floodlight system. Arlo, however, thinks it can one-up its rivals. Its new Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Camera is billed as the first truly wireless option of its kind -- you can put it where you need it without any messy connections. About the only hassle is having to recharge the battery.

It also promises to be one of the better floodlight options. It can record 2K video with HDR to ensure that you clearly see a would-be burglar, and provide color night vision when conventional black-and-white isn't enough. You can also expect "superior" brightness (not that Arlo has quantified it) and an ambient light sensor that adjusts the floodlight's strength based on surrounding light. AS you'd expect, there's two-way audio to ward off suspicious types.

The camera debuts this spring for a competitive (though not spectacular) $250. As with many connected security cams, though, you may want a subscription to make the most of the Pro 3 Floodlight Camera. You only get a three-month trial of Arlo Smart, which offers a rolling 30 days of cloud recordings plus upgraded object detection. After that, you're looking at $3 per month for one camera ($10 per month for up to five) to maintain those perks.