Ring intros a (kinda) wireless floodlight security camera

Wire it to the outside of your home and it'll let you shout abuse at potential burglars.

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Ring intros a (kinda) wireless floodlight security camera

Traditionally, home security was something that you left to the professionals because all of your stuff was at stake. But plenty of startups are hoping to tempt you into doing it yourself with their plug-and-play (or stick-and-leave) alternatives. Ring, which made its name with wall-mounted video doorbells, is now showing off its new Floodlight Cam. As the name implies, the device combines the company's famous security cameras with a pair of LED floodlights.

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The Ring Floodlight Cam packs a pair of bright LED lamps, a 1080p video camera and a 100db siren that will scare intruders away. The device will be activated by a motion sensor with a 270-degree field of vision, and you'll get smartphone notifications, too. The camera connects to your WiFi network and will run through the same Ring app that works with the company's other devices. Similarly, the built-in speaker and microphone will enable you to speak to people who approach your property and inquire as to their intentions.

Installation-wise, it's a little more intensive than Ring's previous offerings, because you will actually have to wire the device to your home's floodlight wiring. Assuming, of course, that you already have such cabling -- otherwise it'll be a call to your nearest electrician. The Ring Floodlight Cam will retail for $249, with preorders opening from today at Ring's website and shipping due for early April.

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