Ring branches out from doorbells, creates a WiFi security camera

The $199 Ring Stick Up Cam loses the doorbell but is otherwise unchanged.

One of the ways that Ring likes to sell its smart, WiFi-connected doorbell is that it, apparently, helps to reduce burglaries. In order to capitalize upon this trend, the firm is launching the Ring Stick Up Cam, an outdoor security camera that'll help people monitor their homes when they're out and about. On paper, the Stick Up Cam is effectively the same as the original Ring hardware, albeit with an adjustable mount and no button.

The device also comes with the same night vision camera and infra-red motion sensor, alerting your smartphone whenever it detects movement. In addition, you can use the microphone and speaker combination to listen out for baddies and tell 'em to get off your land without moving from your seat.

When we reviewed the original Ring not too long ago, we found that it's certainly a pleasure to use, although the notifications could do with being faster. There's also an issue with reliability that we'd like to see cleaned up, but nothing so major that we wouldn't recommend grabbing one of these.

If there's one thing about the Stick Up Cam that rankles, it's that the device will cost you $199 -- the same as the OG Ring. There are plenty of wireless outdoor security cameras that, while less functional, can be picked up for half that price, not to mention several wired alternatives that are significantly cheaper. If that doesn't deter you, then pre-orders begin today, with shipping scheduled to commence in two or three weeks.