DoorBot lets you see and talk with who's at the door from the comfort of your smartphone (video)

If funding is successful, you'll be able to wave hello to Edison Junior's DoorBot -- an app-enabled, WiFi-connected video doorbell. Sure, it's not exactly the first time we've seen such an idea, but the "weather-resistant," aluminium enclosure makes it one of the best looking concepts we've seen. Better yet, the system is set to work in unison with the Lockitron (a smartphone-controlled keyless door lock that was recently crowd-funded, albeit still yet to ship) allowing you to let welcome visitors inside your abode at the tap of your iOS or Android Device's app screen.

The DoorBot installs with four screws, but it'll have you running through four AA batteries once a year for power (which, based on the video, seem easily removable by strangers, unfortunately). There's no word on the quality of the camera onboard, however, its infared-equipped, so you'll be able to see who's there at night. Lastly, the actual doorbell button is wrapped with an LED light, and, as you'd expect, it alerts you via the app when pressed to see and speak with whomever is at the door.

In total, Edison Junior hopes to raise a lofty $250,000 to make the DoorBot more than a concept video, with 45 days to reach the goal. If you're willing to take the gamble as backer, $169 is what'll cost to secure a pre-order, and $319 snags you one bundled with the Lockitron. We're told that we'll see a working prototype in the flesh at CES, but until then, you can catch the full sales pitch at the source link and video demo after the break.