Insert Coin: POP portable battery comes with 25,000 mAh of power, charges multiple devices (video)

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DNP Insert Coin POP portable battery comes with 25,000 mAh of power, more curves video

If you're a geeky pack rat who likes to travel with a mini Radio Shack store in your bag a la Steve Wozniak, then you're likely always looking for ways to keep your precious devices powered up. One option that may be worth a peek is the POP rechargeable battery -- a portable power pack that eschews the brick-like design of many of its brethren and comes with 25,000 mAh worth of juice to help bring your gadgets back to life. According to POP creator and Edison Jr. co-founder James Siminoff, the portable battery has enough capacity to charge either 10 standard smartphones or 1 1/2 third-generation iPad tablets.

To help prevent users from re-creating their own personal Gordian Knot, the POP also includes four retractable cords that each feature a micro-USB and 30-pin Apple connector. Flipping over its undercarriage reveals two standard USB ports as well. Eventually, Siminoff hopes to add various accessories to the charger, including speakerphone tops and perhaps even a solar cover. Before that can happen, though, there's still the matter of making his $50,000 Kickstarter goal. A pledge of $149 gets you one POP portable battery. Raise it to $169 and you can get custom artwork on the device as well. If successful, the expected retail price for the POP is $199. For more of the juicy, power-packed details, check out the source link and video below.

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