Samsung unveils an extra-large 8K TV for 2020

Picture-in-picture is back, with 14 different layouts.

Samsung revealed its new QLED 8K TV last night in Korea, and now the US unveiling is under way.

We already heard about interesting features like its "digital butler" that will control other devices, including older stuff that can't connect to networks using an IR blaster, multitasking with picture-in-picture and the AI ScaleNet tech that streams "8K quality" video by downconverting it to 4K with the TV upscaling it again on the receiving end. To start with, it's working with Amazon Prime to upscale standard-def video to 4K.

Naturally, support for AI assistants like Samsung's Bixby is built-in, and starting this year you can choose to use Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa too. An Adaptive Picture feature recognizes the changing lighting in your room and automatically adjusts the display's settings to match. The Tizen OS also supports multitasking, with some 14 different ways to split up the screen, using side-by-side or various picture-in-picture layouts.


Of course its Infinity Screen is impressive, with almost nothing surrounding the screen itself or distracting your eye. What you won't see are the speakers embedded into the back of the display that, in concert with its AI "Quantum" processor give a 5.1 surround sound effect that tracks objects as they move around the screen, and can sync up with compatible soundbars -- like the new ones Samsung just announced -- for fuller "Q-Symphony" sound.

There's also an embedded Samsung Health app, with dedicated fitness content, and it allows owners to manage their workouts on the TV using a connected smartphone.


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