Samsung's artsy The Frame TV gets larger and smarter for 2020

It's a better conversation piece -- so long as you're happy with 4K.

Samsung's latest generation of The Frame might just make a better case for using your TV as an artistic centerpiece. The company's 2020 models (not yet pictured) are now available in a larger 75-inch size as well as a relatively tiny 32-inch model, making it a better fit as either the conversation starter for an expansive living room or an out-of-the-way screen for the bedroom. You can also get variants with beige and burgundy bezels, and accessories like a gapless wall mount and an 'invisible' connection can reinforce that painting-like look.

The new sets are somewhat smarter, too. Art Mode 3.0 offers automatic curation of pieces based on your tastes, provided you're willing to subscribe. You'll also find improved ambient light sensors that better adjust the image to a room's conditions.

Samsung hasn't outlined pricing or detailed specs as we write this, but it's notable that the sets continue to offer 4K with dual LED back panels. If you were hoping for an 8K TV that faithfully recreated every last brush stroke in a masterpiece, you'll be disappointed. Still, the wider range of sets indicates that Samsung is serious about The Frame as an alternative to its regular screens.