Samsung's giant 'Wall' TV now comes in four more sizes

MicroLED TVs are more varied than ever, if you can afford them.

Samsung's luxurious The Wall TV now has more options -- at least, for those with the vast amounts of money and space to get one. The company is taking advantage of production improvements to introduce 88-inch, 93-, 110- and 150-inch fixed screen sizes in addition to the 75-, 146-, 219- and 292-inch options that were available before. That's almost too fine-grained (does Samsung really need both 146- and 150-inch sets?), but it should suit those who want the largest possible screen for a given wall.

MicroLED offers OLED-like abilities, such as per-pixel lighting with true blacks, without issues like burn-in for static on-screen elements. In The Wall, it can also be highly modular.

There's no mention of pricing or release dates as of this writing. Let's be frank, though: much like a supercar, you'll know if you can afford one. As it stands, sets like the zero-bezel Q950TS might be more alluring if you want cutting edge Samsung TV design at a price that isn't completely stratospheric.