TP-Link adds WiFi 6 to its affordable mesh routers

The Deco X20 offers mesh networking for less than $200.

If you live in a large home or have thick walls which cause WiFi dead zones, one solution is a multi-node mesh router system to blanket your living area in bountiful internet. Networking brand TP-Link launched its first WiFi 6-capable mesh router last year, and expanded its range of affordable mesh WiFi systems as well. Now, the company has unveiled a new Deco Mesh line that combines next-gen WiFi and mesh networks into an affordable package.

The Deco range includes three products -- the Deco X90, the Deco X60 and the Deco X20 -- all of which are compatible with the faster and more efficient WiFi 6 standard.

The Deco X90, winner of a CES 2020 Innovation Award, uses tri-Band mesh up to 6600Mbps and can connect an impressive 200 devices (if you have that many) and covers areas of up to 6000 square-feet with WiFi 6. The system comes as a two-pack and will be available for $450 from April 2020.

The Deco X60 is an option for those who don't need quite such lightning fast networking, with dual band Mesh technology up to 3000Mbps, connecting up to 150 devices and covering an area of 5000 sq. ft. It also comes as a two-pack and will be available for $270 from March 2020.

Finally, the very affordable Deco X20 offers a dual band AX1800 solution, which TP-Link describes as "a budget-friendly way to upgrade to mesh WiFi 6." Exact details of its device limits and area coverage haven't been released yet, but the company has said it will be available in a two-pack for $190 or a three-pack for $270 from March 2020.