Intel showed off its upcoming discrete graphics card on stage at CES

It's codenamed DG1 and we saw it running 'Destiny 2.'

At its CES keynote this evening, Intel saved its most important reveal for last. After almost two years of leadup, the company finally showed off its upcoming Xe GPU platform. And not only did we learn how it will integrate with Intel's forthcoming Tiger Lake processors, we saw DG1, its first discrete graphics card. While Intel didn't provide a lot of details on the card, it showed it running Destiny 2.

The company plans to first integrate the platform into its upcoming Tiger Lake processors that will come out later this year. Intel's Lisa Pearce showed a Tiger Lake-equipped notebook running Warframe. She didn't speak too much to how the integrated graphics card handles modern 3D games, but did say that you'll be able to play "HD" games without issue. Additionally, Intel showed the GPU upscaling an old, low-resolution image using an AI-accelerated processor. The "Horseshoe Bend" foldable display tablet Intel showed off at the keynote had a Tiger Lake processor and integrated Xe GPU.

We'll likely learn more about both variants of Xe as Intel gets closer to releasing its new CPUs later this year.