iRobot's IFTTT support lets smart home devices talk to your Roomba

Your robot vacuum can take orders from your thermostat.

iRobot's IFTTT support is about to become much more useful if you're a fan of smart home tech. The company has formed a partnership with IFTTT that will let you integrate smart home gadgets directly inside iRobot's Home App, effectively giving those devices control over your Roomba vacuum or Braava mop. To start, iRobot's IFTTT page already has five recipes for common devices and apps.

All of the initial recipes focus on scheduling clean-ups when you're away. Your bot will swing into action when your Ecobee thermostat is set to "away," or when your August Smart Lock kicks in. You'll also find integrations for MyQ's Smart Garage, WeMo light switches and the Life360 app. iRobot didn't provide examples of what could happen in the future, but it's easy to see this working with air quality monitors and other hardware that keeps your home clean.

That still leaves many devices unaccounted for, but it illustrates the importance of the IFTTT team-up. A smart home only works well if devices act in relative harmony, and this could make iRobot's gear as much a part of a connected household as the latest light bulbs or security system. For that matter, it's also a way for iRobot to claim an advantage (or at least stay competitive) over increasingly sophisticated rivals.