Sunflower's $9,950 security drone aims to protect your home autonomously

The system will deploy a 'bee' drone that is stored in a 'hive.'

Home security technology usually takes the form of smart cameras or intruder-detecting WiFi routers, but a new system from Sunflower Labs offers a more radical solution -- and autonomous drone which oversees your property.

Billed as the world's first fully autonomous residential security drone, the Sunflower Home Awareness System consists of ground-based units called Sunflowers which look like garden lights and use motion and vibration sensors to detect movement in your yard. They can detect and differentiate the movements of people, animals and cars and display this information on a map in real-time.

The drone element, called the Bee, is an automatically deployed autonomous drone with collision avoidance and GPS which can observe your property from the air and stream live video. The Bee lives in the Hive, a waterproof housing and charging station which holds the hardware required for the system's AI.

Sunflower Home Awareness System

The idea is that the Sunflowers detect unexpected activity near your home and sends an alert to your smartphone. Then you can choose to launch the Bee to get a clear view of goings-on at your property.

Unfortunately, if you like the sound of your own robo-protector, it won't come cheap. The starting price for pre-orders for the system is $9,950, and delivery to customers is expected to begin in mid-2020.