Watch Adobe show off its impressive AI-powered vertical-video tech

It's the best part of Intel's press event.

Intel has Jason Levine, Principal Worldwide Evangelist for Adobe Creative Cloud, and his fabulous head of hair to thank for the most entertaining part of its CES press event. The chipmaker's Executive VP, Gregory Bryant, said he often gets asked why AI and machine learning are important on PC. He then brought Levine onstage to demonstrate the kind of creative experiences Ice Lake's integrated AI unlocked for creators -- and Levine did so with great panache.

The Adobe evangelist showed how easy it is to erase backgrounds and select subjects with the combined powers of Adobe's Sensei AI engine and Intel's chips. He also showed off Adobe's AI-powered instant vertical-video tech, which can be used to create vertical clips from horizontal ones. The technology not only crops videos but also can follow a subject around and focus on it, so creators or editors won't have to manually edit videos for Snapchat and mobile-first social-network elements like Instagram Stories.

Intel also showcased its upcoming discrete graphics card and a 17-inch foldable tablet at the event, but those parts weren't nearly as entertaining as what you can watch below.