Google's Pixel 4 hits its lowest price yet on Amazon

You can score the Pixel 4 for $571 and up.

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Google's Pixel 4 hits its lowest price yet on Amazon

In what's quickly becoming an annual tradition for the brand, you can get Google's new Pixel phones at a significant discount a few short months after release. Amazon has cut the price of the 64GB Clearly White Pixel 4 to $571, down from $800. That's an all-time low for Google's latest flagship, beating even the big price drops we saw on the phone during Black Friday. Alternatively, you can purchase the 64GB Just Black model for only $0.99 more.

If you want the bigger Pixel 4 XL, it's also on sale. You can score the 64GB Clearly White model for $614 and the Just Black one for $662. The 64GB Pixel 4 XL usually costs $899, so you're saving at least $237 by buying it through Amazon during this promotion.

Engadget's Chris Velazco awarded the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL scores of 83 and 85 when he reviewed them. The Pixel 4's Motion Sense feature, when it worked, was a highlight, as was its smooth 90Hz display. However, with both phones, battery life was judged to be on the "low end of acceptable."

Buy Google Pixel 4 on Amazon - $571 and up

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