Novation's Launchpad Pro controller is now a standalone MIDI sequencer

It's also got a host of Ableton friendly updates.

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Novation's Launchpad is one of the most popular pad-based MIDI controllers out there, but the company hasn't been resting on its laurels -- it just released its Launchkey Mini keyboard controller that we are big fans of. The Launchpad is getting an upgrade too, with the announcement of a new Pro version of the controller.

For Ableton Live users, the Launchpad Pro has integration features like dedicated controls for launching clips or scenes, duplicating elements, transport and quantising which should make workflow smoother. There's also a Capture MIDI function "for recovering those happy accidents," as well as modes to help keep notes in tune and a chord mode for perfecting harmonies.

The pad also acts as a MIDI sequencer, capable of controlling any MIDI synth, sampler or drum machine, with an option to quickly switch between eight custom modes.

The 64 pads are larger than before, but the entire device is compact so it's portable. It also connects for USB-C to make use of power over USB. The LaunchPad Pro is available from Novation's website for €300 ($333).

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