Sony made a wireless camera grip for vloggers

Just don't expect stabilization.

Sony thinks it can help you become the next Casey Neistat or iJustine. The company just introduced a Shooting Grip With Wireless Remote Commander (or GP-VPT2BT, if you can memorize obscure model numbers) that makes it more comfortable to shoot vlogs or travel journals. The Bluetooth device includes controls for common tasks like snapping photos and videos, zooming and a custom function, and you can adjust the angle or flip it around to quickly capture yourself on screen. It can also transform into a tripod for timelapses and other fixed-in-place shots.

However, it should be stressed that this isn't a gimbal stabilizer. That might not be a problem if you're a YouTuber (many prefer that more 'natural' camera motion), but you'll want to look elsewhere if you want silky-smooth camera movement.

The grip ships to North America later in January at a price of $140 US ($180 CAD) and works with most modern Sony mirrorless cameras and high-end point-and-shoots, including the Alpha 9 series, Alpha 7 III series, Alpha 6000 series (6100 through 6600), the RX100 VII and RX0 II. That's not an exorbitant price if you're shooting video on a regular basis, but it might be overkill if you're just trying to document your next vacation.