Oculus Go gets a permanent price cut to $149

Entry-level VR just became that much more affordable.

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Brian Oh/Engadget
Brian Oh/Engadget

You won't have to wait for a short-lived sale to score an Oculus Go below its original $199 asking price. Facebook has confirmed to Engadget that it has permanently dropped the price of the 32GB stand-alone VR headset to $149 (64GB is now $199), with "comparable discounts" in every country where the Go is available. The new pricing is "rolling out to all channels," it said. You can already see the new price at Amazon, Best Buy and the Oculus Store, and it won't be surprising if other stores already reflect the price drop as well.

The Oculus Go offers a very basic VR experience. It's limited to tracking three degrees of freedom (basically your head movement) rather than the six (effectively body movement) of more advanced headsets like the Oculus Quest. You also get one simple remote instead of the two that enable more sophisticated interaction with the Quest, and it's using an older Snapdragon 821 processor instead of the Quest's 835.

At $149, however, those limitations might not matter. The Go is still a viable headset for stationary VR experiences, especially 360-degree video. We'd add that the Go can also serve as a private video viewer for Netflix and other services, even if you don't particularly care for VR -- you can catch up on shows with a big virtual screen instead of sitting in front of a TV.

Buy Oculus Go 32GB on Amazon - $149

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