Oculus Go is on sale for $120 at Amazon for Cyber Monday

It may be the most affordable way to get into stand-alone VR.

Did you pass on the Oculus Go's discounted Black Friday price because it was still a little too dear? Your patience is being rewarded. Amazon is selling the stand-alone VR headset for $120 on Cyber Monday, or another $30 off the already fairly low price of $150. That's the lowest price we've seen, and it makes the Go that much more viable if you want to try VR or just enjoy a private Netflix viewer.

The same caveats apply. The Go is limited to tracking head movements, not body movements like the Oculus Quest, and the lone remote is relatively simple. You'll want to pass if you dream of playing Beat Saber. We found the Go ideal for basic apps and videos, however. It's easy to use, comfortable and has a wide selection of titles. Consider it an introduction to VR that might just lead you to make a bigger investment in the long run.

Buy Oculus Go on Amazon - $120